As global problem solvers, our collective experience and active network of specialty affiliates provides a unique ability to adeptly gain results for our clients. Engagements begin with the client’s stated goal from which we develop a strategic plan of execution followed by swift tactical implementation. Our clients include corporations, family offices, boutique niche businesses and high net worth individuals. We bring results in the areas of legal matters of all types, general business, asset protection matters and startups in some of the most challenging political and international markets. We are globally available to support, deploy and handle often urgent or complex matters. We can’t change the story, but we can change the ending.

We have advised on complex transactions between companies from many jurisdictions with an emphasis on Asia. Our team is comprised of experienced attorneys, solicitors and advisors who actually live and work in these jurisdictions. We have found in representing our clients that book smarts are great but street smarts are a much more valuable asset we can bring our clients. Whether you are planning to invest in, work with, buy from, or engage in any type of business relationship in the U.S., China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Australia, Singapore, Cambodia, or Thailand, we have the real experience to advise you through the minefields.

Many Asian companies and investors are currently looking toward the U.S., with its favorable tax environment and growing economy as a target rich environment for investment and acquisition. Our U.S. based team is experienced in advising our clients on the financial, tax, regulatory, compliance and transactional aspects of these deals. From term sheets through due diligence and into the operational and ongoing compliance side, we can bring long term value to your team.

We have advised small and mid-sized enterprises in Asia on IPO’s and purchase of listed companies on the NASDAQ and NYSE. We are currently working with several clients on crypto based offerings through entities set up in crypto friendly jurisdictions such as Wyoming. These transactions can be complex and resource draining. We work for our clients and zealously guard their interests from thought through finish.

Whether it’s Washington, New York, Beijing, Bangkok, Canberra, Hanoi, Hong Kong or other capital cities, we have experience in those cities and with the people who implement and enforce their laws. We advise our clients on relations with these governments and often times bureaucrats and on ensuring they comply with the myriad of complicated regulations. We have the relationships and knowledge which allow us to accomplish our client’s goals.

Our corporate and high net worth clients often require options for their employees and families. We have some of the most experienced immigration attorney’s and advisors on our team and can advise on EB-5, H1B, and many other programs. We are not a commission based agent, we are your attorneys and advisors and are committed to ensuring that your investment results in safety and security for your employees and family.

Laws and their application are different in developing countries and misunderstood in the developed world. While developing countries have legal systems and many laws, their application can vary nationally, provincially, and especially locally. We have recovered millions in assets for our clients in some of the most legally misunderstood Asian countries. We are able to achieve this because we are in these countries, working and living every day. We have also been able to quell riots at our clients’ businesses in Asian countries and extradite their employees and executives from kidnapping and other tenuous situations. Things go wrong and when they do you should contact us immediately – even before your embassy.

Technology and data are at the core of almost every business or advocacy campaign. Their necessity along with the ability to impact the social graph can positively or negatively determine the fate of a business, individual or lobbying/political movement. We deliver strategic audits, road mapping, technical development, social media and other digital marketing services providing competitive advantage while delivering measurable results and KPIs.