Litigation Support

An investigation service for Caruso & Associates clients in trade or financial disputes.

We leverage a sophisticated network of investigation specialists across Asia-Pacific to ensure the security that Caruso & Associates clients demand. When our clients’ suppliers are in breach of contract, we document how and why to the absolute extent of jurisdictional law. When our clients’ intellectual property is appropriated, we compile all the proof necessary. When our clients suspect fraud, we leave no questions untapped in verifying that suspicion.

Using principles and methodologies honed over decades in international legal, military, and governmental organizations, our personnel provide the following best-in-class litigation support services:

When to begin a Litigation Support Investigation?

Breaches of trust are unpredictable and affect organizations in ways that defy preparation. When our clients suspect corporate espionage or outright fraud, Caruso & Associates can provide immediate response measures to safely and quietly ensure maximum legal protection against these situations in jurisdictions across Asia-Pacific.

We support clients requiring:

  • Civil Litigation Support
  • Breach of Contract Investigations
  • Corporate Espionage Investigations
  • Fraudulent Employee Investigations
  • Insurance Claims Investigations
  • IP Theft Investigations
  • Investment Fraud Investigations

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