Due Diligence

Caruso & Associates mitigates risk for its clients by conducting efficient and categorical due diligence investigations in high-impact scenarios. These scenarios may involve pre-M&A and pre-joint venture research, FCPA compliance, China tax audits, or other junctures when risk deterrence is more than necessary.

Intelligence gathering can be particularly difficult in mainland China where bureaucracy and the lack of a centralized corporate database obscure potential partners, suppliers, and distributors. Yet difficult doesn’t mean impossible and when entering frontier or culturally insular markets, the reward for maintaining due diligence standards is immense.

Corporate Intelligence, Exceptional Investigation Service, Investigations

To protect our clients’ interest in Asia-Pacific, Caruso & Associates provides the following investigatory services:

  • Pre/post M&A and investment due diligence
  • FCPA and Bribery Act compliance checks
  • Competitive business intelligence research
  • Post-investment asset monitoring
  • China accounting and audit services
  • Asset tracing and recovery

We employ a discrete and confidential approach to managing risk and intelligence for Caruso & Associates clientele. With decades of on-the-ground experience in jurisdictions across Asia-Pacific and mainland China, our expertise is built on the trust of clients who demand that no stone be left unturned.

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