Data & IP Security

Perhaps the most damaging information exposed by Edward Snowden was the extent to which data is copied or stolen for global corporate espionage purposes. We can’t be sure how this information is used but it’s clear that governments and their leaders (who often have controlling interests in the largest corporations) have an inherent desire to see corporations succeed. With well-funded and staffed information-collection apparatuses, they can use this data to cripple competition and unlevel the playing field.

Who’s looking at your data?

At Caruso & Associates, we have worked with some of the largest corporations in Asia. Some have been listed as private companies but are controlled by central governments. In these “private” companies, we’ve seen internal IP security measures that rival Western intelligence agencies.

For 12 years, we’ve advised clients on how to protect their intellectual property when doing business in Asia-Pacific. The rules are different in these countries and the laws often actually reward companies who copy, steal, intercept, listen to, and blatantly appropriate your proprietary information for their own purposes.

Where else is your data?

In jurisdictions across Asia-Pacific, there exist massive facilities each housing tens of thousands of people whose job is to sift through the data traversing public channels. They parse social networks, web-based email, and smartphone messaging apps not only in the name of national security but for corporate gain.

Secure email is a good start for any corporation but how secure are your servers, laptops, offices, and mobile phones? Can you trust mobile voice, SMS, and messaging platforms while working and/or traveling in these countries?

Who can you trust?

Our motto has always been to trust no one and be diligent in protecting our clients’ Intellectual Property. So, who can you trust? Who has an ethical obligation to provide you with attorney-client confidentiality even when working abroad? Foreign lawyers? Western-based IT security companies that use cheaper foreign labor? Local IT security companies?

As U.S.-licensed attorneys with 12+ years’ experience in Asia-Pacific and 25+ years’ experience in IT and IP Security, your security is our obligation.

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