Crisis Resolution

A crisis-resolution service for Caruso & Associates clients with staff, leadership and physical assets in immediate danger.

When our clients require urgent extraction of personnel or physical property, Caruso & Associates provides immediate and sophisticated response measures. Environmental disaster, political disruption, financial crises, capital flight, kidnapping, and extortion events are unpredictable and affect organizations in ways that often defy preparation. In the event of such incidents, Caruso & Associates can dispatch experienced crisis-management personnel to our clients’ locations anywhere in the world to quickly and efficiently safeguard the personal security of their employees and the operational integrity of the organization. Using principles and methodologies honed over decades in international, legal, military, and governmental organizations, our personnel provide the following best-in-class incident resolution services:

Emergency Extraction

This service involves the process of removing friendly personnel when it’s necessary that they be immediately relocated from hostile environments including overseas residential, commercial, or manufacturing facilities in the event of a political, financial or environmental crisis.

Product Extortion Resolution

When dealing with the threat of product siege, tampering, fraud or de facto theft, Caruso & Associates can lead clients through the recovery process by employing proven techniques and a network of localized legal and governmental partners.

Medical Evacuation

Caruso & Associates tested emergency evacuation processes can safely transport our clients’ personnel and their dependents from any location globally whether due to environmental disaster or personal crises while helping navigate any and all political, legal, and financial complexities.

Asset Recovery

When our clients’ sensitive physical or intellectual property has been lost, abandoned or forfeited during a crisis situation, Caruso & Associates employs a range of sophisticated recovery processes tailored specifically for unique legal and cultural requirements worldwide.

Unlawful Detention

When our clients’ personnel are unlawfully detained in politically complex environments, Caruso & Associates is capable of developing strategic recovery plans that involve collaboration between on-site legal, governmental (consular), and/or emergency personnel resources.

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