Caruso & Associates is a legal and corporate intelligence consultancy providing strategic insights for a particularly discerning client base across the globe.

Originally founded by Frank Caruso as a boutique international legal consultancy, Caruso & Associates now leads intelligence-driven advisory projects in business circumstances that require an asymmetric approach. Our clients include multinational corporations, private equity houses, financial markets, and government organizations. Decades of experience in legal, military, FMS and governmental spheres inform how Caruso & Associates manages risk toward the strategic benefit of our clients.

Caruso & Associates consultants can provide efficient and necessary support for complex international legal matters. With unique expertise in Asia-Pacific and collaborative relationships throughout the region, our legal services include:

  • Bankruptcy, Dissolution, and Liquidation
  • International Due Diligence
  • Dispute Resolution
  • International Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Law
  • Intellectual Property Law and Enforcement
  • International Labor and Employment Law
  • Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Foreign Military Sales
  • Corporate Tax Law and Structures
  • International Market Entry
  • Risk Analysis

Caruso & Associates helps clients mitigate operational risks in locales described by a lack of legal transparency. Our clients face complex regulatory and cultural challenges and we surmount those challenges by providing advisory based on localized intelligence that leads to efficient and decisive resolutions.

Above all else, we work with clients to maintain the levels of discretion and confidentiality required for their unique strategy and operational growth.

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